Genie Garage Door Openers



Loop Detectors

Requires wire loop to be imbedded in drive surface. 2-wire output can be connected to open input, or auxiliary open input on timer to close expansion module.

  • 107430.0001.S
    115V AC, Comes with harness
  • 540052.0002.S
    24V AC, Comes with harness
  • Black: 110341.0001.S
    Gray: 110341.0002.S

    Loop Sealant
  • 107264.0001.S
    Standard Loop Wire, 180' included
  • 4' x 6' Loop w/30' Leads: 110340.0001.S
    4' x 8' Loop w/ 30' Leads: 110340.0002.S

    Paveover, 18AWG
  • 4' x 6' Loop w/30' Leads: 110339.0001.S
    4' x 8' Loop w/ 30' Leads: 110339.0001.S

    Sawcut Type, 18AWG

Motion Detectors

Customizable for uni- or bi-directional sensing. Able to discriminate between pedestrian and vehicular traffic. NEMA 4 enclosure. Setup via remote control from ground level.

  • 810145.0001.S
    Motion Detector, Falcon #10, 11.5' up to 23' tall doors.
  • 110338.0001.S
    Treadle Switch, 2 wire, 4"W x 5'L